Friday, March 30 

Brace Yourselves

I'm going to say something nice about a liberal. Actor Alec Baldwin has offered to help pay tuition for a soldier.
Baldwin was so moved by a March 4 New York Times story about Pvt. Resha Kane's last day with family and friends before going for training to prepare for serving in Iraq that he — not his people — tracked down Kane's mother at a discount store where she works to offer his assistance, his spokesman said.
I have never been a fan of Alec Baldwin. I don't think he's a very good actor, and of course his political views are 180o of mine. But this was a classy thing to do.



Required Viewing

This video is about 45 minutes long, but is today's required viewing. Evan Sayet is speaking to the Heritage Foundation about "How Modern Liberals Think". If you take everything I've tried to say about liberalism over the past few years, and rolled it into one cohesive, intelligent argument, this would be it.

Watch the whole thing. It's really that good.



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Rosie O'Donnell is a raving lunatic. She has seriously lost her freakin' mind. In this clip she admits to trusting Ahmadinejad more than Bush, and is certain that there was demolition involved with tower 7 collapsing.

The fact that ABC and Babs haven't yanked her fat ass off the show yet just shows what they really think of this country, Bush, and our troops.

Hat tip LGF


Thursday, March 29 


Seriously, wow. Go read this. It's a discussion of the flat tax that will leave you laying on the floor laughing.



Sgt. Swiger

From Black Five comes the story of a soldier, his death, and his mother.

Watch the video.

Then ask yourself if you believe that any major media outlets will give her story the same treatment as Cindy Sheehan.

Thus endeth the lesson.



My New Desktop Background

Found this here, via Tom at Functional Ambivalent.




I have one question for all those peace-nicks out there who claim that we brought the fight on ourselves when we invaded Iraq. What has Britain done to provoke Iran?

Iran has taken 15 British sailors and is holding them, requesting that Britain admit that the sailors were in Iranian waters.

Britain has already given a pullout date for Iraq, and hadn't taken any action against Iran until this latest incident. So why would Iran do this?

IMHO, Ahmadinejad is looking for a fight. The man is the Islamo-fascist leader of an Islamo-fascit state. He is looking for the return of the 12th imam, which he knows won't happen until there is some giant battle. It is therefore his duty to get it started.

The question is, how do you defeat a people who hold their ideology in higher regard then their own lives? He will gladly sacrifice every man, woman and child in Iran fighting the west if it will bring about the restoration of the caliphate. If we sit back and do nothing, he will eventually develop those nuclear weapons he so desperately desires, and then he will bring war to us. Or we could take the fight to him now, and listen to the complaints from the frogs about our "cowboy" attitude, and how America is always going it alone. The a few more people will march around carrying their signs to fight imperialism and Cindy Sheehan will extend her 15 minutes just a little longer.

What we should not do is take any action against Iran unless we plan on doing it right. We can't go in with the same half-assed attitude we took into Iraq. The rules of engagement seem to have changed in Iraq, and we need to keep that same attitude with Iran. Mosques should not be a place to hide. The man on the trigger should determine the threat. There should be as efficient a way to kill the enemy while exposing our troops to the minimum threat possible.

Follow those rules, and Iran is all yours, boys.


Saturday, March 24 

I'm Shocked. Shocked I Tell You

The faculty of the University of Florida voted to deny Jeb Bush an honorary degree.
University officials said they could not recall any precedent for the Senate rejecting the nominees put forth by the Faculty Senate’s Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Memorials Committee.
I can think of one good reason why he was the first denied this honor, his last name is Bush.

How many in academia are of the the liberal persuasion? I would venture to say that it's well north of 75%, and they loathe George W. Given the opportunity to stick it to a member of his family is too good to pass up, no matter if he deserves it or not. Personally I don't know nor do I care if he deserves it. My personal opinion is that honorary degrees are asinine, but maybe I'll change my tune when I'm offered that honorary doctorate.


Friday, March 23 

Hypocrisy Watch

I just received the latest request for money from the Republicans. It started off like this:
Dear Friend,
Our nation cannot afford to let control of the economic agenda fall into the hands of the liberal majority.

Chuck Schumer, the Democrat's election committee chairman, has declared "the Reagan philosophy is dead."

With that philosophy as a guiding principle, the Democrats tax and spend policies will grow our debt, balloon the size of the government, and paralyze small businesses that drive our economy.

That's as far as I've gotten in reading the email. I think I'll reply with the question "what makes the tax and spend of the Democrats any worse then what the Republicans have been doing since W took office?"

I'm sure the irony will be lost on them.

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Monday, March 19 

To Soar With Eagles

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Saturday, March 17, 2007. A day which will be remembered proudly by veterans and those who support the troops.

This country is built on freedoms granted by our creator and guaranteed by our constitution. Two of these rights are free speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble. Recently some in the anti-war crowd have taken the right to peaceably assemble and turned it into the right to dishonor the memory of our fallen troops. Finally someone said that enough is enough.

On the four year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, ANSWER and a few other anti-war parties organized a march in Washington, DC. When they announced that they would begin their march in front of the Viet Nam memorial, veterans took notice.

We don't want to see the K.K.K. speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial, neither do we want to see Jane Fonda in front of that hallowed ground. Thus was born The Gathering of the Eagles.

I left work Friday afternoon, and over the course of the next 55 hours I spent more then 20 of them driving. I made the trek to DC on Saturday and stood shoulder to shoulder with veterans from WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. There has never been a prouder moment in my life.

There were veterans stationed at every memorial in DC. They were not confrontational, standing off to the side, displaying American and P.O.W. flags, standing guard over their station. There were veterans in orange with "Marshal" emblazoned across their chest. I witnessed them escorting anti-war protesters through the Eagles to ensure they didn't harass anyone and that no one harassed them. When the day was done, the Eagles policed the A.O., leaving it in better shape then when they had arrived.

The same cannot be said for the anti-war protesters. The area they occupied was littered with discarded pamphlets, signs, and trash. Those caring, compassionate souls left their area looking like it had just hosted Woodstock. If I had been among them, I would have been ashamed.

It is said that you can be judged by the company you keep. If that is so, then the organizers of the "anti-war" protest should do some serious self-examination. When the protest was shown on television, they never showed the conspiracy theorists with their signs claiming that 9-11 was an inside job. They didn't show the hundreds of people carrying signs in support of the Young Socialists, or others waving signs bearing the face of Che Guevara, or planting row after row of Cuban flags. I'm fairly sure that the red-headed college student chanting "Victory for Iraq" never made it on the nightly news.

In contrast, the Eagles featured speakers were WWII vets and military mothers. They spoke of values like "Duty, Honor and Country". These are people who understand the concept of self sacrifice. Who know what it means to put their lives on the line in defense of their country and of liberty.

They also know what it's like to be reviled. To be spit upon and called baby killer. They know what it means when the public doesn't support your cause, and the only media reports are how many were killed, and what atrocities you are alleged to have committed.

They don't want to see that happen to the young men and women currently serving, and so they came. They came by the thousands from all over the country to stand up for our troops.

I was but one small voice among thousands, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in this world.

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Gathering of Eagles

American Flags were a common theme with the Eagles. Patriotism was on full display.

A mother of a Marine who is currently serving his third tour in Iraq. She was welcomed with cheers thanking her for her son's service.

This brave Marine took his Operation Iraqi Freedom flag straight to the belly of the beast. He was standing in the crowd not 20 yards from where Cindy Sheehan was about to speak to the crowd, proudly wearing his Marine sweatshirt and shouting support for the troops while surrounded by the anti-war crowd.

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A Gathering Of Protestors

I made the trek to DC this weekend. I could spend time writing about the anti-war crowd, but I'll let them speak for themselves.

What makes me suspicious of the anti-war crowd is not that they're anti-war, it's who they associate with. I haven't been among this many communists since my trip to East Berlin in 1987.

Click this one to enlarge it so you can read the titles of some of the literature available at this booth. The one that immediately caught my eye was, "The Jewish Question".

How does anti-war translate to pro Cuba? I only saw two American flags on the anti-war side, but there was no shortage of Cuban flags.

Now I thought these two were original. Their green shirts said, "Kiss me, I'm Liberal." I may not agree with their politics, but at least they had a sense of humor, unlike many others out that day.

Che? Seriously? Hasn't he been dead over thirty years? And why are the people carrying his picture all covering their own faces? I didn't see a single face covered on the Eagles side of the road.

Please, tell me how much you love this country when you allow raving lunatics like this up front in your gathering. Anyone who can say they honestly believe that Bush and/or Israel was behind 9/11 needs to be put down, because they're rabid.

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Tuesday, March 13 

Road Trip!

I haven't made up my mind yet, but there is a very good chance I will make the road trip to the Gathering Of Eagles on Saturday.

I can't really afford the trip, but I may do it anyway. I feel that strongly about what they're doing.

And now a word about attending the event.
There are two petitions now up online. One for people to sign only if they WILL be at the Gathering of Eagles on March 17th:

The second petition is for those who will be with us in spirit:

This will be very helpful in giving us some idea of how many Eagles will be in attendance on the 17th and how many will be supporting us from home.

If you plan to be there, sign in. Those who just can’t attend but stand with us in spirit are asked to sign the second petition.

We need ALL BLOGGERS and WEBMASTERS to get this word out!!

If you encounter problems signing, please persevere and try again later. We need your count!
I'm going to talk to my daughters about this tonight. It'll be a long trip, with very little sleep, but I want them to have the chance to go. I want them to see both sides of a protest and understand that the right to assemble is a fundamental right of all citizens. I doubt they'll go, but I'm really hoping my older daughter goes with me. Well, I wish they both would, but the younger one has a bladder the size of a shot glass, and that gets really annoying after the 500th trip to the porta-john.

I'll keep you updated, but if I go you can expect to see many pictures.



Hide The Kids

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is back. If she wasn't serious, it would be pretty funny. Unfortunately she means it.

Seriously, if this is the best she's got to run on, why bother?

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Why We Fight

Anyone who thinks that Americans fighting in Iraq are the cause of terrorism should watch this video. It also demonstrates why there is no easy resolution to the conflict between Israel and Muslims.

It's long, but you should watch the whole thing. It is a real eye opener.

via LGF

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Monday, March 12 

Now They're Going Too Far

Some in the EU are suggesting that there should be a speed limit on German Autobahns.

Look, you environmentalists can bitch and moan all you want about the fact that we eat meat, or we want to drill in ANWAR, but you keep your damn hands off the autobahn.

As someone who has lived in Germany twice for a total of seven years, I know the unparalleled joy found with powering a Geiger Corvette* down A6 at 140mph. Germany is a car enthusiats dream, and makes even your normal, run-of-the-mill American proud of his German heritage.

So hang tough German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee. They may turn every other part of your country into a socialist playground, but you keep those autobahns just as they are.

*The one I drove was an '87 and it was red, but that thing ran like a raped ape.



Best Political Story Of The Year

I can't believe this isn't Bill Clinton, but it's pretty funny.
Two weeks ago, El Salvador police found Raphael naked outside his residence, tied up, gagged and drunk, Israeli media reported. He was wearing several sex toys at the time, the media said. After he was untied, Raphael told police he was the ambassador of Israel, the reports said.
My favorite part is that after he was untied he told them he was the ambassador from Israel. I would presume he was probably running toward his house, clutching something about his mid-section at the time. But how great would it have been if he had just stood up, brushed himself off and walked away stark naked, head held high, completely unashamed?

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The More The Merrier

Actor and former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson is considering getting into the presidential race.

I would throw my support behind him in a second, but we'll see what happens.


Friday, March 9 

I'll Show You An Uphill Battle

House Dems Face Uphill Battle to End Iraq War. Nancy Pelosi has proposed a plan that would fund the war in Iraq but demand that troops leave by Sept. 1, 2008. Surprisingly, Bush is threatening to veto it should it actually pass the House. What really caught my attention, though, is this quote by Sheila Jackson Lee
"I believe the vote should be a vote of conscience," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, one of 71 members of a liberal coalition opposed to the war. "My vote would be for a safe, fully funded withdrawal of troops" by the end of this year, she said.

So, to vote your conscience is to vote to pull troops out of Iraq and throw the region into sectarian chaos which would cause the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis? Am I getting that right?

Just how does it ease your conscience to propose that closing our eyes to what would happen to Iraq should we just pack up a leave? Do our leaders really understand that little of history? Did they not learn about what happened in Vietnam after the American surrender withdrawal?

I am so tired of hearing people opposed to the war act like protecting the soldiers is the single most important issue they have to deal with. Add to that their mock outrage over the revelations about the health care that most vets receive in the VA system.

Anyone with half a brain knew that the VA system has been in a shambles for years, but no one wanted to do anything about it until it was a convenient weapon to use against Bush. I have news for you, Bush didn't break the system, and I'm sure it won't be fixed by the time he's out of office, either. Like most things in life, the best way to fix the VA system is to get the government out of it.

Would you like a prime example why I am vehemently against socialized health care in America? Take a look at the Veteran's Administration. That should be enough to scare the most ardent supporter of Hillary's plans. Unfortunately there is a large segment of the U.S. population that thinks government is the solution to anything they want and/or need.

We live in the greatest country in the world. Every single person in this country has the opportunity, no matter your color, religion, or whatever other category you want to use to separate us, to improve their lot in life.

No matter how much Rosie O'Donnell annoys the crap out of me, and has for years, this country provided her with the opportunity to come from humble beginnings and rise to the level of annoyance she currently occupies. The examples are endless of people who have come from nothing and turned their lives around. I don't just mean they've become rich or famous, but that they lived a better life than their parents every envisioned.

My family were steel workers in Pittsburgh. My great-grandfather went to work at the steel mill when he was so young that as he walked to work, his lunch box drug the ground. One of his children, my great-uncle, joined the Army, fought in WWII, went to college, was commissioned an officer, obtained his Phd. and retired a Lieutenant General. That's a far cry from his humble German-Irish, steel working roots.

Now let me bring this all back around.

I cannot imagine being so selfish that we want to keep this kind of freedom to ourselves. One of the things you hear from every liberal who ever achieved anything is that (s)he needs to "give back" to their community. That's great, help those where you came from to see that they can achieve just as much, if not more success then you did.

America came from humble beginnings to become the greatest country in the world. You can look at what we're doing in Iraq as "giving back". We're helping them to see the possibilities of a free society, and it's working. Is our work their finished? No. Is it safe? Hell no. Is it better than it has been? Most certainly yes. To abandon what has been achieved there would be the greatest act of selfishness we could possibly take.

It's time for those leaders who claim to support the troops to stop trying to sabotage what they're doing, and give them the time and resources they need to complete their mission.


Monday, March 5 

God Speed, Marine

The Last Flight of Lieutenant Landaker.

Make sure you have a tissue handy.


Sunday, March 4 

I'm Promoting A Calorie Neutral Lifestyle

For those of you experiencing weight problems, I have found your solution. I am going to start a new company which will sell Calorie Offsets to balance out your high calorie life.

Here's how it works:

  • You buy all the candy bars, soft drinks, and McDonald's your little heart desires

  • For every dollar you invest in junk, you send $1 to me my company.

  • My company invests that money into R&D projects as well as fitness centers and weight loss clinics.

  • The projects funded by your money will help others to reduce calorie consumption elsewhere, thus reducing your calorie footprint, or in some cases, making you completely calorie neutral.

There you have it. For a small investment, which can be automatically deducted from your checking account, I will help to reduce the calorie footprint of every American, those reducing the obesity problem we have been experiencing over the last twenty years.

Now someone please pass this on to Al Gore, because he has obviously been consuming more than his fair share of calories since having the elections stolen losing the election. It's time he did his part to promote a calorie-neutral lifestyle, and my company should be his fist investment.



Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy

I love when you say one thing but people here something else. It's especially funny with song lyrics, but it's fun in normal conversations as well. I play on words like this all the time at work. Instead of saying someone irritated me, I always say they "irrigated" me, "ex-squeeze me" instead of "excuse me" and "spank you" instead of "thank you". The fun is endless. Yeah, I'm a dork.

It's especially fun when a news source does this.
Correction: In the original version of this report, NEWSWEEK misquoted Falwell as referring to "assault ministry." In fact, Falwell was referring to "a salt ministry"—a reference to Matthew 5:13, where Jesus says "Ye are the salt of the earth." We regret the error.
I was all set to write about how Liberty University is ranked higher than Harvard in national debate, and that Harvard lost to them in their last match-up, until I saw that last paragraph. Falwell (who I'm pretty sure is nuts) was speaking about the students as "a salt ministry", but Susannah Meadows heard "assault ministry". I guess we hear what we want to hear, but that is really hilarious. I think I'll start using that phrase from here on out.

"We're taking this food down to the soup kitchen as a part of our assault ministry."


Saturday, March 3 

COB For Secretary Of The Army

Crotchety Old Bastard has thrown his hat in the ring for Secretary of the Army. His views include the following:
  1. A 5.56mm bullet will not stop a vehicle.  A SAW is a great weapon but not for vehicle avenues of approach.
  2. Rules of Engagement must be include the following, by priority:
    1. Most efficient way of killing the enemy
    2. Exposes our forces to the minimum risk possible
    3. Does not overtly violate the Law of Land warfare (WWII Edition)
  3. Squad Leaders make better judges of threat intent than JAG officers.
  4. A beret does not make you “Special”, (Goodbye black berets).
  5. Soldiers should not pay taxes, taxes should pay soldiers.
Why is he not already in charge?


I Know You're All Shocked

You scored as Fundamentalist. Fundamentalism represents a movement in opposition to Modernism, stressing the highest importance on foundational religious tradition. Science has brought on corruption of society (I disagree with this statement. I think there is a lot of corruption of society, but most of it was brought on by moral relativism rather than science). God is real and is watching. Scripture leaves little room for interpretation; man is God’s creation. About a quarter of the population in the U.S. is classified as Fundamentalist.





Cultural Creative












What is Your World View?
created with

Friday, March 2 

Trial Attorneys Make Me Sick

John Couey kidnapped, raped, and buried alive nine year old Jessica Lunsford last year.

They found her blood on a mattress in Couey's home. His fingerprints were found on the garbage bags she was wrapped in. But Couey's attorney is arguing that his client is innocent.

I don't believe in lynching. I do believe in our trial system. However, our judicial system has become a mockery of what it should be. The guilty go free on technicalities. Trial lawyers list case after case on their web sites where their clients were caught red handed, or even in the act, but brag about their ability to get them off on all charges.

It's enough to make you ill.

I have a nine year old daughter, and I can guarantee you that should some sick fuck like Couey ever harm either of my daughters, they should pray to any and every god they can think of that I don't find them before the police do.

Couey should receive the same fate as his victim. Bind his hands and feet, wrap him in a garbage bag, tied around the throat and feet, and bury him alive. It seems fitting to me.

But we're a civilized people, so he'll end up in a psychiatric hospital for a few years, then he'll probably be back on the street. And when he kills again, 48 hours can do a special about how our prison system doesn't properly rehabilitate the prisoners.



I Love Free Enterprise

Who says the capitalism is dead in America? Tennessee High School Students Make Porn Film Between Classes.

I'm thinking that they watched The Girl Next Door one too many times.


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