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Thursday, March 29 


I have one question for all those peace-nicks out there who claim that we brought the fight on ourselves when we invaded Iraq. What has Britain done to provoke Iran?

Iran has taken 15 British sailors and is holding them, requesting that Britain admit that the sailors were in Iranian waters.

Britain has already given a pullout date for Iraq, and hadn't taken any action against Iran until this latest incident. So why would Iran do this?

IMHO, Ahmadinejad is looking for a fight. The man is the Islamo-fascist leader of an Islamo-fascit state. He is looking for the return of the 12th imam, which he knows won't happen until there is some giant battle. It is therefore his duty to get it started.

The question is, how do you defeat a people who hold their ideology in higher regard then their own lives? He will gladly sacrifice every man, woman and child in Iran fighting the west if it will bring about the restoration of the caliphate. If we sit back and do nothing, he will eventually develop those nuclear weapons he so desperately desires, and then he will bring war to us. Or we could take the fight to him now, and listen to the complaints from the frogs about our "cowboy" attitude, and how America is always going it alone. The a few more people will march around carrying their signs to fight imperialism and Cindy Sheehan will extend her 15 minutes just a little longer.

What we should not do is take any action against Iran unless we plan on doing it right. We can't go in with the same half-assed attitude we took into Iraq. The rules of engagement seem to have changed in Iraq, and we need to keep that same attitude with Iran. Mosques should not be a place to hide. The man on the trigger should determine the threat. There should be as efficient a way to kill the enemy while exposing our troops to the minimum threat possible.

Follow those rules, and Iran is all yours, boys.


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