Monday, December 10 

Video Goodness

First up, the GOP debate en Espanol. This is my favorite debate clip so far. Check out the crowd's reaction when Ron Paul says we should be normalizing relations with Castro. Best part of the entire debate happens when they pan over to McCain and he is cracking up. I wouldn't have been able to contain my laugher, either. RP obviously doesn't realize that Castro is not exactly popular in Miami.

Second video, 3 Doors Down, Citizen Soldier. I have always liked this band, but their military videos are pushing them into my top 10 favorite bands of all time.

Hat tip IMAO for both videos.

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Monday, December 3 

Lesson Here, Don't Be A Man

When it comes to reproductive rights, guys are fucked. The entire abortion debate is centered around whether or not a woman has the right to terminate the pregnancy, for whatever reasons. Under that assumption, it is solely the woman's decision. If she wants to terminate and the father wants to keep it? Sorry about his luck. If he wishes to terminate and the mother wants to keep it, guess who is saddled with 18 years +/- of child support? That's right, the man.

Would someone like to explain to me why it works that way? Let me put it this way, it takes two to tango, and if it results in a third person being added to the mix, why is it fair that the woman has the sole right to decide if this person is going to live or not, and also to decide if the man is going to be paying for it.

Now, I am in no way against child support. I pay a fairly substantial amount of child support every month, and while it's not fun sending that much money to my ex wife every month, I want to take care of my children. However, if I were to go out, get drunk and hook up with some random woman out there, resulting in a pregnancy, why is it her sole decision whether I'm going to be stuck paying for it the rest of my life?

It almost makes you sympathize with this guy.
Darshana Patel told authorities she was suspicious as she watched her boyfriend stir a smoothie at an ice cream store. When he offered it to her, she noticed powder on the cup's rim, and the pregnant woman feigned illness and didn't drink it.

According to a criminal complaint, the woman says she sent the powder to a laboratory and it turned out to be mifepristone, the abortion pill also known as RU-486.

The test results came too late: She had already suffered two miscarriages in less than a year.
Obviously she wanted the baby, he didn't. He was facing being saddles with child support payments for the next 18 years, and decided the best way to deal with that was to slip her the morning after pill.

In the words of Chris Rock, "I'm not saying he should have killed her, but I understand."

Now we take on the case of the surrogate father.
The Nassau County man donated his sperm to a work colleague, and included his name on the child's birth certificate, saying it would give the boy an identity, courts documents revealed.
His colleague is a lesbian, and she and her partner wanted a child. He donated the sperm, and they had a son. The problem is that he crossed the line between simply being a donor, and being a father. He sent the kids cards and gifts, all signed "dad" or "daddy", and maintained some contact with the kid. Until 1993, that is, when the couple moved from New York to Oregon.

But, he has since been ordered to now pay child support for the kid, who is now 18, even though there was an "oral agreement" with the mother that he would give up all rights and responsibilities for the child.

Long story short, if you're a guy, you better make sure you know what you're getting in to, the next time you're getting in to someone. Because it may just be yourself you're fucking.



In Which I Praise The GOP And Then Call Them A Bunch Of Ass Clowns

First, the praise. For all of my life, I've heard that Republicans are the up tight, narrow minded ones. We only accept rich, white, pro-life, gun loving racists into our club. However, as hard as it is to watch the debates, if you punish yourself by sitting through one, you are going to hear a very diverse group. Among the current presidential hopefuls, we have support for gun control, pro choice, and anti-war. We have a governor who raised taxes in his state, and one who ran a sanctuary city.

Meanwhile, the Dems are so proud of themselves because their front runners are a woman and a black guy. "Hey, look. We love diversity. We have a black man with an Islamic name polling first in Iowa".

But is there really any diversity of thought on the left? What do you think the chances are of a pro-lifer having success comparable to Rudy's success on the right? Slim to none, if you ask me.

Now, we call them ass clowns.

It has since been withdrawn, but last week the GOP in Virginia wanted to force everyone who voted in the primary to sign a "loyalty oath" that stated that they would support the eventual Republican nominee, even if it was someone with whom they disagree ideologically.

In my opinion, this was the GOP trying to make sure that people would vote for Rudy should he win the nomination, since the vast majority of the GOP's voting base is pro-life.

That, my friends, earned the Virginia GOP my Ass-Clowns Of The Week Award(TM).

You cannot strong arm your base into voting for someone. When Reagan was carried into office on two landslide victories, he didn't rely on forcing people to vote for him. He inspired people to want to vote for him. He gave a message of hope and promise of a better tomorrow, and then he set about delivering that promise.

Personally, I don't see that character in any of the hopefuls. On either side. Oh, I'll hold my nose and vote for the GOP nominee, because I believe in the basics of what our party is built on. But it won't necessarily mean that I agree with the specific candidate.

But I'm sure as hell never going to sign any kind of "loyalty oath". I'll mail them the ashes of my membership card in the VRWC before that happens.


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