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Thursday, October 29 

Taking A Stand

I know I spend most of my time here complaining about Democrats, but today I took a stand against some Republicans. Today I unsubscribed from the GOPUSA newsletter.

Over the last several years I've enjoyed most of what they write, with the occasional article making me roll my eyes. However, lately a lot of their emails have had to do with the various court cases suing to prove that President Obama doesn't meet the constitutional requirements to serve as President.

So, today I drew a line. I'm not going to support craziness, no matter what name it wears, so I took my name off their list. It's not a big deal, and they won't even notice, I'm sure, but someone has to point at the crazies and say, "Hey, you're an idiot".

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I absolutely KNEW you wouldn't stand for those shenanigans... nice to see that even a die hard republican can still spot non-moonbat nuttery when it counts :)

Though i have to say, this is just as crazy as the Americans who wanted to prosecute GW for war crimes... idiots come in all flavors.

Good point, E!.

This is indeed the Republican version of the Democrats who insisted Bush didn't really win in 2000, or is a war criminal.

I've enjoyed "Prairie home Companion" on the radio for years. That movie, I don't think anyone liked it.

He keeps the politics out of the program. When he does get on his soapboax, he pretends he is "Minnesota nice" but without fail pleads for bad policies, more power for the State, and less for the people.

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