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Tuesday, October 6 

Maybe Wolf Should Just Drop To His Knees

and bob on Obama's knob directly. I mean, seriously, how much more in the tank can they get for Obama?

Last Saturday, SNL ran a skit making fun of the fact that Obama has accomplished "nothing" so far in his presidency. Look, I'm anti-Obama, but even I know he has accomplished a few things. But apparently the knob-gobbling Obama lovers at CNN got their panties in a wad over someone insinuating something negative about Teh One. So, they took it upon themselves to fact check SNL. You heard that right, they ran a fact check on Saturday. Night. Live. Fucking morons.

Here's my question for these blatant suckers of Satan's cock, where the fuck where you during the election process when SNL was taking on Sarah Palin almost weekly? Did you "fact check" their claims then? Of course not, because that only helped Obama. And people wonder why I cannot stand to watch the news on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC or CNN? Maybe because they all lost all semblance of impartiality right after they all bowed down to take turns servicing Obama.

h/t Ace

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