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Monday, August 10 

Natural Selection At Work

Donna Munson, age 74, of Colorado demonstrates just what happens when natural selection works as it should. You see, Donna was known to feed the bears in the area. She went so far as to construct a metal cage around her porch so she could feed them through the fence. The Department of Wildlife has been warning her for years to stop feeding the bears, even sending her written notice.

Last Thursday she spoke with her brother on the phone and informed him that a larger bear had been harrassing a cub that she had been feeding hard boiled eggs and milk. She told him that she planned to chase the bear off with a broom the next time he came around. Apparently no one ever told Donna that bears aren't really scared of old women with brooms.
According to the county coroner, Munson was grabbed by the bear and it slashed her head and neck with such penetrating force that Munson would have bled out in 90 seconds.

Later that day, a witness found a large bear feeding on Munson's body as it lay outside her home. It's not clear if that was the bear that killed her.

When deputies arrived to investigate the report of a mauling, they were approached by two aggressive bears, which they shot and killed. A necropsy on one bear was inconclusive -- and did not prove whether that bear killed Munson. A necropsy on a second bear at the home was pending.
Let this be a lesson boys and girls. I know that Yogi and Smokey are really cute, but feeding the bears is never a good idea. Followed closely by never chasing the bears with a broom.



Nothing makes me happier than when a moron gets tuned up by a natural predator due to unrepentant stupidity. Too bad the bears had to be put down because this dumbass decided to prove her lack of common sense.

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