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Wednesday, August 5 

Community Organizing Is Apparently Only Allowed If You're A Democrat

Congressmen and Senators are getting their collective asses handed to them in town hall meetings. The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership are trying to discredit those who show up to question cap and tax and the health care reform

Apparently they are so used to protesters being poorly dressed, unwashed hippies that when "well dressed" people show up to voice their concerns, they must obviously be a well organized mob by that old vast right-wing conspiracy.

Apparently they forget their own advice. Here, I'll let then candidate Obama remind you.

If you're a democrat, you should talk to everyone. Get in their faces and tell them why they should fall into line and agree / vote with you. If you're a republican.. well, you're just an angry mob who doesn't know all the facts.

We're from the government, we're here to help.

Update: I thought maybe you would like to see examples of what a real, unruly mob looks like.

Code Pink protesting outside the Marine recruiting station in Berkley, California.

Anti-war protesters trying to break through a police line during the RNC.

Storming the stage to protest the Minutemen at Columbia University.

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