Tuesday, November 27 

Look Ma, All That Education Finally Paid Off

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It's a good thing that no one who knows me in real life knows about this blog, because most of them read on a middle school level. On the other hand, I guess it's okay to share the blog with them, because the won't be able to understand it.


Monday, November 19 

Pantalones En Fuego

Remember a few weeks ago when the big name Dems were blaming the California wildfires on global warming and the lack of resources due to the Iraq war? Well, let me remind you what presidential candidate and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson had to say
But as someone who believes the war in Iraq is a complete disaster and that we need to get our troops out now (www.getourtroopsout.com), I look at the natural disaster in California and feel compelled to also ask President Bush and every candidate who thinks it is okay for our troops to remain in Iraq until 2013 or longer - where is our National Guard?

It is a sad irony that yesterday, the very day I sent fire crews to California, 300 more New Mexico National Guard members were sent to Iraq. Just when we need them most at home, more of our brave men and women, true public servants, are sent away to a war we cannot win.
There were also remarks from Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi that I am too lazy to look up that came to the same conclusion; the fires were raging out of control because the evil Boosh had taken all of California's National Guard resources and sent them off to die in Iraq.

But wait, what's this?

It seems that there is a law in California that there must be a state fire spotter riding along with each airplane or helicopter that is engaged in fighting the fire. The Navy and Marines had more aircraft available than the state could deal with, so they left them grounded while they looked for qualified people to ride along and spot the fires.
The state has determined it had enough spotters for the helicopters it knew were available but had to scramble to find spotters for the Marine and some of the Navy helicopters because it wasn't expecting them, Padilla said.

"When we found out how many military and Marine helicopters were available, we put in orders and began trying to find qualified managers that weren't already assigned," he said.
So really, it wasn't that there weren't adequate resources, there were too many resources. The National Guard was too prepared, and the state couldn't deal with it.

If you need me, I'll be over here holding my breath while I wait for Richardson, Pelosi and Boxer to announce that they were wrong, and the stupid rules of engagement for fighting fires were to blame, not the evil Boosh empire.

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Friday, November 16 

But We Support The Troops

Can we all just stop pretending that the far left actually supports the troops now? I mean, if the banners supporting those who shoot their officers wasn't enough, how about The People's Republic of Cambridge banning the boy scouts from attempting to help the troops.
The big-hearted Scouts from Cambridge Troop 45 had placed donation boxes at the city's 33 polling stations in hopes of collecting toiletries, magazines, candy and other items after one of O'Connor's relatives was injured in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq.

But someone complained to the city, allegedly claiming the boxes were a “political statement,” and the boxes were removed.
What kind of absolute moron thinks that sending magazines to the troops is a political statement? Oh, that's right, the kind of rabid, Bush hating, anti-American idiot who thinks that our soldiers are the real terrorists.


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Friday, November 9 

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

You want to know what is wrong with America today? I'll show you.
Greetings. My name is _____, I am inquiring about any employment opportunities your Company my have. I am a hard workers with management and Customer Service exprience; I am looking for an opportunity with a company where my talants can be best applied. I do have a resume to review, I would be more than happy to forward it to you, just let me know. I can be contacted at home on ___________, I look forward hearing from you soon. Regards ______
This was submitted through the contact form on our company web site. Now, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes. I do all the time. But when you are contacting a company about potential employment, you should probably proof read just a little bit. You know those three sentences should be checked again just to make sure you haven't made any dumb mistakes.

This is typical of 90% of the communication we receive from potential employees, with many of them being college graduates.

If we can't even teach people how to spell experience, how the hell are we supposed to believe that these people have learned anything about how our government was formed, the meaning of individual liberty, or why being an informed voter may be important.

I heard my parents say it when looking at my generation, and now I say it about the next. We're fucking doomed.


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