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Friday, November 9 

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

You want to know what is wrong with America today? I'll show you.
Greetings. My name is _____, I am inquiring about any employment opportunities your Company my have. I am a hard workers with management and Customer Service exprience; I am looking for an opportunity with a company where my talants can be best applied. I do have a resume to review, I would be more than happy to forward it to you, just let me know. I can be contacted at home on ___________, I look forward hearing from you soon. Regards ______
This was submitted through the contact form on our company web site. Now, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes. I do all the time. But when you are contacting a company about potential employment, you should probably proof read just a little bit. You know those three sentences should be checked again just to make sure you haven't made any dumb mistakes.

This is typical of 90% of the communication we receive from potential employees, with many of them being college graduates.

If we can't even teach people how to spell experience, how the hell are we supposed to believe that these people have learned anything about how our government was formed, the meaning of individual liberty, or why being an informed voter may be important.

I heard my parents say it when looking at my generation, and now I say it about the next. We're fucking doomed.


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