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Thursday, October 4 

Gun Nut Alert. You Will Either Love Or Loathe This

The world's deadliest weapon.
Metal Storm, an Australian company whose shares have recently skyrocketed on the stock exchange, has developed a robotized killing machine capable of firing more than one million rounds a minute, enough to shred an entire building in the blink of an eye.
One Million Rounds per minute. That is un-fucking-believable. I would love to see that thing in action, decimating an entire building in seconds.

But of course this isn't an article from someone who sees the good sides of this weapon, like this.
But it is the wartime applications that are most disturbing. With Metal Storm’s technology, Coalition soldiers can remain safely behind the front line while the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UVG) uses sensors and targeting capabilities to attack hostile urban areas.
That, to me, is a good thing. Soldiers stay as far away from the bad buys as possible, while simultaneously finding and destroying said bad guys. This results in fewer good guy deaths, and an ever increasing body count of bad guys. Remind me again why this is a bad thing?
This development could be the turning point in the Iraq occupation which has tainted the enthusiasm of the dwindling number of American pro-war supporters as more than 2,000 soldiers have been killed during an occupation which has resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent civilians.
Oh, that's right. Because if we're winning the war, there's nothing for the anti-war protesters to, well, protest. They'll look pretty silly carrying around posters that say things like, "We're tired of winning this war. Stop killing the bad guys and come home." Oh, wait. They pretty much do that already, don't they?

The other point is that with such a weapon at the coalition's disposal, it will obviously result in those American cowboys running willy-nilly through the streets, killing anyone with brown skin. Because that's what we're all about. Body counts. It doesn't matter if it's the right people or not, we just want to kill, Kill, KILL!

To prove that point, she points out that the company that manufactures this weapon has stocked its board and management with *gasp* a lot of former US military commanders. I mean, how can we expect this weapon to be used for peace when those blood-thirsty baby killers are running the show. I'm sure it will only be a matter of weeks before a maelstrom of death is rained on the author's own residence as a way of demonstrating the lethality of the ultimate killing machine.

My favorite part of this entire article is the author's bio.
Wanda Fish is an Australian freelance journalist who dedicates her research and writing to the building of a more equitable and just world. Wanda has lived and worked in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Australia. After a 30-year career in corporate marketing and public relations, Wanda left the corporate world and began to campaign for humanitarian rights, peace, and the creation of a world where people of all races and religion are entitled to a free and dignified life. Wanda’s articles are offered copyright free as part of her contribution towards a better world.
My question for Wanda is this, just how do you propose that all people will live togethre in a free and dignified life if there is no one willing to stop the bad guys? If all the good guys lay down their arms, join hands and sing 60s peace songs, all they accomplish is that they make a good target. Large groups of unarmed peacenicks packed close together means one bullet = multiple kills.

Peace and freedom are the exact reasons why we fight in the middle east. The problem with people like Wanda Fish is that there is never a cause worth fighting for except to stop the good guys from defending themselves.

H/T Sharp As A Marble

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"We are winning the war..."


sorry... i think I have my breath back.

haha! You're funny, e.

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