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Friday, September 21 

Those Brave Freedom Fighters

The headline pretty much says it all, "Iraqi National Police Break Up al-Qaeda Rape, Terror Cell in Samarra". You really need to read the whole thing, but here is a teaser.
Without a bit of pressure -- indeed, without the appearance of a care in the world -- Medhi, described in graphic detail the other half of his ISI cell’s operations: running an organized al Qaeda Rape ring in Samarra. With a modus operandi of breaking into various houses and either raping women on the spot or threatening the family with death while taking their daughter away to become a hostage and a sex slave, Medhi, a self-described homosexual who engaged in intercourse (via rape) with women “because other members of this group” did, confessed to his cell’s penchant for abducing girls and “holding them [hostage] just for their pleasure.” Most recently, he said, he had taken part in the rape, kidnapping, and/or killing of five women, three of whom were supposedly still alive.

Among these most recent victims was “a twenty-five year old virgin,” who was “alone in her house” when the al Qaeda leaders “raided” it. Breaking into the house, all five members of the cell held her captive in her own home and raped her repeatedly. Finally, when all five had quenched their base desire for that action which they so brutally prohibited others from humanely engaging in, under the guise of enforcing “true Islamic law,” the terrorists departed, leaving the woman alone in her pain and misery.

If there is such a thing as “getting off easy” for a girl who is gang-raped, this first woman did just that. Two others, both age 23, met a much more gruesome fate shortly after the first, as they were taken from their houses (in front of their families), raped repeatedly by the entire al Qaeda cell, and then slaughtered. According to Medhi, their bodies were buried in a cemetery somewhere in the city.
If you need me, I'll be over here waiting for all the moral outrage. You know, from those who try to paint them as these brave freedom fighters, who only take up arms to fight the oppressive American imperialism. Because they don't fight, rape and murder for the sheer enjoyment of it, do they?

I'll also be holding my breath awaiting all the news stories about "the hypocrisy" of it all. I mean, for the last few weeks you couldn't go 30 seconds without hearing about Larry Craig's hypocrisy because he votes against gay marriage and then tries to get a little glory hole action in an airport restroom. These guys enforce Sharia law, that doesn't allow a woman to even speak to a man to whom she is not related, but they are free to take whatever liberties they want with the women in your family, and then kill her as a way of saying "thanks".

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Al Qaeda=Not

Please tell me you see the difference... please... i am begging you to show me some mercy and pretend for a moment you see the difference even if you, as you clearly illustrate, don't.

One is truly hypocrisy and the other is truly not... let's play the Sesame Street game... One of these things is not like the other... one of these things just does not belong...

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