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Monday, September 17 

Freshly Squeezed Juice

I guess that once you get away with a double homicide, armed robbery isn't that big of a deal any more.

O.J. was ticked off that some collectors were getting ready to sell some of his memorabilia, without his consent. So he gathered up some thugs, a few shotguns, and stopped by to pick up his stuff.
Simpson said the dispute was merely a confrontation with no guns. He said autographed sports collectibles, his Hall of Fame certificate, a photograph with former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and video from his first wedding were all his, and that they were stolen from him and were about to be fenced by unethical collectors.
Simpson claims the stuff was stolen, but if it was stolen, why didn't he file a police report? Why doesn't he get a lawyer and sue for them for the return of his property? Why break in with a a bunch of thugs and steal your stuff back?

I think he voluntarily gave the stuff up to hide it from the Brown / Goldman familes, to whom he owes $33 million. The collectors thought they could make some money off of him, so they prepared to auction it off. After all, what could he say about it, because if he admits it's his, Ron Goldman will be all over it like O.J. on his ex-wife's new lover. Sorry, was that in bad taste?

Anyway, the one spot of good news out of all of this is that O.J. is spending some quality time behind bars. Something that should have happened a decade ago.

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