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Tuesday, September 11 

Oh, The Outrage

Kathy Griffin, who has made a career out of being a Hollywood outsider, has apparently made remarks that need to be cencored. She won an Emmy for her show "My Life On The D-List", and during her acceptance she happened to mention Jesus.
"Kathy Griffin's offensive remarks will not be part of the E! telecast on Saturday night," the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences said in a statement Monday.

In her speech, Griffin said that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."

She went on to hold up her Emmy, make an off-color remark about Christ and proclaim, "This award is my god now!"
Personally, I think they should play her speech exactly as recorded, because I don't see anything offensive about it at all. I find it more offensive when someone who is obviously anything but a Christian gets up and thanks God for their success. One specifically that comes to mind is Steven Tyler accepting an award back when "Pump" was released. I'm paraphrasing from memory, but he said something along the lines of "We want to thank Jesus, our higher power, because we are higher powered." Puh-lease. Aerosmith is powered by a lot of things, but I doubt God has much of anything to do with their success.

Kathy Griffin was being honest, which is a rare thing these days. She has worked hard for what success she has, and she is taking the credit for her success rather than trying to attribute it to the intervention of God, Jesus, or anyone else.

I may have to get cable just so I can watch her show now.

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Ugh. Give me a break. People are too sensitive.

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