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Sunday, August 26 

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I just got home from my fantasy football draft. Last year I was the league's leading scorer, finished 1/2 a game back from the leader, and came in 4th overall, due to a lousy coaching decision in the first playoff game. Otherwise, I would have won the league. But we all know what if-only will get you.

Here is my team for this year.

Marc Bulger - Q
Chad Pennington - Q
Reggie Bush - RB
Jamal Lewis - RB
DeShaun Foster - RB
Chris Henry - RB TN
Marvin Harrison - WR
Javon Walker - WR
Joey Galloway - WR
Eddie Kennison - WR
Troy Williamson - WR
Drew Carter - WR
Jeremy Shockey - TE
Alge Crumpler - TE
Neil Rackers - K
Patriots Defense

Last year I had both L.T. and Frank Gore. Those two could outscore most other teams on their own. This year I'm leaning more toward receivers, because drafting 8th doesn't leave much to choose from in the way of running backs.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this as the season progresses. Maybe I can even come out ahead this year. The last two years I've won the same amount that I paid to join, so I've been playing for free. It would be nice to actually win some money for a change.


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