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Friday, August 3 

You Do Remember That You Have A Blog, Right?

The above was asked of me recently. Yes, I remember that I have a blog.

The last couple of weeks have been utterly insane. We've had a major product release at work that I have been working on since January. I have been in charge of everything, and I do mean everything; from choosing the vendor to designing the advertising to training employees to dealing with customers. My trip to Austin back in May was because of this product release.

We rolled it out August 1, and it was nearly a disaster. I've been working for 7 months to get this out, and in the end, I missed the deadline by 9 hours. Nine freaking hours. Everything finally rolled out at 5:00 pm on Wednesday. Being late absolutely was not my fault. If anything, the fault lies with my CEO, who made a bad choice early on, and I was forced to correct that last Friday, giving a new vendor exactly 3 days to fix 2 months of work from the ass-clown who had been working on a portion of the product. I would say 9 extra hours isn't that bad, considering.

Who knows how this will all be remember in the end.

The good news is that customers are loving it, we are having a much higher user adoption rate than anticipated, and the good reviews are already coming in. So maybe I'll be a hero after all.

But I still won't have much time to post for the next little bit. But I'll be back. I enjoy raising Ed's blood pressure too much to stay away. :-)


LOL... contrary to what you may think... I don't think I have ever read anything you have posted that has managed to register a blip on my electrocardiogram. Mostly because I don't believe you believe even half of what you think you believe, much less actually put down in writing... I see you more like a small domesticated animal that needs gentle prodding to keep focused and in the right direction... :P

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