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Sunday, July 15 

Ted Rall Is A Blithering Idiot

The more I read this cartoon, the more pissed off I get. I would love to see this fuck-tard say this to the face of anyone in uniform. He's so fucking brave, sitting in his office, drawing cartoons that compare U. S. Soldiers to suicide bombers. He doesn't have a fucking clue what he is talking about, but I'm sure the left will celebrate his bravery for daring to stand up against those who say we should support the troops. At least he has the balls to admit he's a brainless, treasonous bastard.

Do I question his patriotism? You're abso-fucking-lutely right I do. The only reason he enjoys the freedom to spew this idiotic trash is because of the very men and women he is belittling.

I've got no fucking use for him. None at all.

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First, the irony is there for anyone who is willing to see it. Second, the guys who are fighting in Iraq are fighting to protect your rights to feel aghast at the cartoon AND for the cartoonists right to draw it.

Whether or not you agree with the sentiment is irrelevant, but if you look at it from the most objective perspective possible, the parallels are uncanny.

And while I think the cartoon isn't all that funny, I believe at one point in time you made fun of the muslims who got bent out of shape because a cartoonist dared to draw a caricature of the prophet muhammad... Difference?

Most importantly, and I know you are still a bit preturbed over the last little discussion we had on my blog, exactly what is the difference between a patriot and a terrorist? I'd like to know really what your thoughts are... I mean, essentially, the framers of the constitution could be considered terrorists since they fought against the government of the country at the time... and the men fighting against US and UN forces in Iraq, arguably are not all iraqi, but they ARE fighting for their perceived freedom. The iraqi forces fighting against the occupation are doing exactly what I would expect you to do if a foreign power came in and overthrew our government and tried to install one of their own design... wouldn't you frank?

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