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Friday, July 6 

I Hate To Keep Having To Say I Told You So.... But

Remember that big to-do about the government's "domestic wire-tapping"? Remember how everyone was all up in arms because it was warrantless? Remember how they said it was unconstitutional? Well, turns out they were all full of shit.

It seems that he does, indeed, have the right to spy on the terrorists, even when they may call some douche bag in this country to try to arrange for some funding or perhaps their next strike at us.

But a big thank you to all the ass-clowns at the New York Times who had to tell everyone about it, even though they had no evidence that any wrong-doing had occurred or that it had been abused in any way. Because, you know, they love America and would never do anything to help the terrorists out.


That's not even a little bit what the court said. The court didn't rule on the legality of the programand whether the government has "the right" to do anything.

The court ruled on whether the plaintifs in the case had the standing to file suit, and decided they didn't.

The issue of the legality of the program remains open.

Your celebration of an all-powerful, all-knowing federal government remains disturbing.

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