Tuesday, September 29 

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Optical Illusion Or Freudian Slip?

I was reading a story on Fox News this morning when I noticed this picture in the right sidebar. My first thought was, "When did Fox start advertising pr0n?" Because that looks like a money shot to me.

Upon closer examination, it turns out that it's an ad for tooth whitening. I like my version better.


Friday, September 25 

We Are Failing Our Children

The following is my opinion. If you don't want to read my opinion, then you shouldn't be reading my blog.

The average college age person in America is a moron. What got me started on all of this was a chance encounter on Facebook.

One of my coworker's daughters paints in her spare time. She's actually pretty good. She has around 50 of her paintings posted online and I was checking them out the other day. About 7 paintings in, I come across one she has created of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Okay, the parents are liberal, Obama kool-aid drinkers, so I kind of expected it. But one of her friends left a comment which said something like, (paraphrasing here) "I can't believe you know about Che. Not many people around here do. He's totally my hero."

So, a middle-class, college educated, American girl, looking back at all of history, chooses for her hero a mass-murdering communist revolutionary. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what is wrong with America. Actually, no, that is not all this is wrong. It's not just the fact that one moron chooses Che as her hero, it's that she can say publicly that Che is her hero, AND NO ONE CARES.

Can you imagine the outrage were I to say that, say, Josef Goebbels is my hero? People would be outraged. Why is Che any different? How many deaths was he personally responsible for? But now he's little more than a pop culture icon worn by celebrities and bored college kids.

It makes me fucking sick.

Ted Kaczynski was a revolutionary, too. He also killed people trying to bring down capitalism in order to keep it from destroying nature. Why isn't he hailed as a hero by these same morons? Why don't they walk around wearing shirts emblazoned with his image like they do with Che? Oh right, because Che is "sexy".

There is an entire generation of idiots walking around out there, convinced that Che is sexy and Obama is a moderate.

Fucking morons, the lot of them.

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