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Monday, August 6 

A Piece Of Advice

If you're a Muslim from, say, Kuwait or Egypt, who lives in Florida, and you're planning on going on vacation, don't carry anything resembling a pipe bomb with you. You know, just in case you get pulled over for speeding.
"They admitted to having what they said were fireworks. Based on the officer's judgment at hand, based on what he had seen, we judged it to be other than fireworks," Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt said.

Mohamed, 24, said he made pipe bombs from items he bought at Wal-Mart, according to an affidavit with his arrest warrant.
Now, I'm going to give these two happy-go-lucky kids a break here, and say I don't know that they had any terroristic intentions. Hell, I made my share of homemade explosives when I was a young lad. It was par for the course growing up around the military.


If, by carrying around a trunk load of explosives you are going to fit the profile of a terrorist (20-40 year old Muslim male with a trunk load of explosives pretty much fits the bill here), then maybe you ought to consider leaving the pipe bombs at home and taking a few sparklers on vacation with you.

I know, sparklers suck, but they also keep you out of jail.

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