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Wednesday, September 12 

Another Lunatic Running Wild

Dave Warwack, a 44 year old art teacher in Chicago, is a vegan. Why do I bring this up, you ask? Because he has threatened to bring charges against his school district for child endangerment* because.. are you sitting down? Maybe you should sit down, because you really aren't going to believe this. He wants them charged with child endangerment because they won't stop serving milk to the students.

Those bastards.

Warwak said he was not fired or suspended during a meeting Monday with school officials and representatives of Fox River Grove District 3. But he said he is not returning to class.

Of particular concern to him, he said, are posters in the school cafeteria that promote milk. While vegetarians stay away from meat, vegans such as Warwak shun all animal products.

"I can't really see working there as long as those milk posters are up and they keep feeding poison to the kids," said Warwak of Williams Bay, Wis., who said he began his vegan lifestyle in January.
A couple of things you will learn should you choose to read the article:

1. He's been teaching there for eight years.
2. He just became a vegan in January of this year.
3. He was a fishing guide until he found religionhis new vegan lifestyle.
4. He is completely nuts

Okay, the last one is purely my opinion, but I think it will hold up. The guy refuses to teach the district's curriculum, instead spending all his time teaching the students that eating meat is murder and milk is bad for you. He's even taken to distributing vegan literature to his 8th grade class.

I think charges ought to be brought in this case. Not against the district, mind you, but I think he ought to be subjected to a competency hearing and maybe committed, because he's a loony.

My other favorite quote out of the article:
Warwak said he asked district officials during the 20-minute meeting Monday whether they would consider making the school menu offerings all vegan but received no reply. They wouldn't answer his questions, he said, so he didn't feel obligated to answer theirs.

They called that insubordination, according to Warwak, who said a lawyer was with him during the meeting.

"I don't like them making this about me when it's really about them," he said
He has adopted this new lifestyle, so suddenly the entire district should change to match him. I mean, how shallow are we that we expect him to keep his damn opinions to himself and do his job?

And finally, the district had the nerve to not respond to his unreasonable demands, so he doesn't feel he has to answer their questions, either. That, my friends, is what years of being in the teacher's union will get you. They have no concept of how a typical employer / employee relationship is like, where the employee has to actually do what they are told or the employer will kick their sorry ass out into the street and find someone who answers questions when they are asked.

I hope he does lose his job and is forced to fend for himself out in the real world. He should work for my boss, who happens to raise beef cattle. I would love to see the look on my bosses face when the guy asks for an all vegan menu at all future company events, and no, I won't be attending the company picnic on your farm, because you're a murderer.

Only in America are you free to be this stupid.

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Mr. War-WACKY! Thanks for a dose of reality on this situation. He is getting kudos and accolades from every naturalist group in the country.

This "beloved teacher" has become a "Yes" man to our teenagers; allowing everything but teaching art to go on in his classrooms -- of course they love him!

Thanks for saying what 99.9% of parents in Fox River Grove are thinking!

I'm a vegan, but Warwacky should have paced himself. He shouldn't have expected everything around him to change so quickly. This kind of change doesn't happen overnight.

I'm a vegan myself and know from my own experience that trying to teach compassion and respect to members of other species is considered "craziness" instead of a virtue. Such a shame on this inhumane evil society. Thank God there we still have people who do have a heart and who won't go around promoting the torture and murder of innocent animals. “I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

I'm a vegan, but Warwacky should have paced himself. boom online

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