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Wednesday, September 19 

Our Lousy Economy At Work

I have long argued that the U.S. economy is much stronger than most people give it credit for. Here is my proof.

I think anyone that would pay $55 for a bottle of water inherited their money, because if they had earned enough to buy $55 water, they would have enough sense not to. But I thank G-d that we live in a free market society, where someone is able to make a seemingly very nice living charging people outrageous amounts of money for something that they already pay a monthly fee to have available in several rooms of their own homes.

G-d bless America.


That's pretty lousy proof. The economy is a big thing; the decadent novelty appeal of something like Bling Water is something else entirely. It's like arguing the the economy of the Soviet Union was strong because there were lots of great weekend houses in the forests south of Moscow.

True, it is but one small example. However, how many "poor" in America own 2 cars, cell phones, dishwashers, cable tv, etc., etc. You live in Louisville, how many $200,000 plus homes do you see when you drive around town? I see a lot when I drive through there. How many $50,000+ SUVs, or people waiting in line to buy a $600 cell phone, or waiting in line for over an hour to go to a restaurant that will cost them $100 a person for a meal?

Things are not perfect, but our economy is far from the hell hole that you see portrayed by most politicians of both parties, or by the talking heads on the tube.

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