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Monday, September 17 

If Mothers Ruled The World

Just in case you haven't seen Sally Fields' Emmy speech yet, I'm posting the uncensored version here. While being broadcast on FOX, she was cut off at the line "If the world was ruled by mothers, there would be no God..." and they cut away. You can see the full version below.

Now let me point out a couple of things about this that really pisses me off.

1. Why is it that those on the left, and especially the women, always spout this "If women ruled the world, there would never be any war" line like it's an accepted fact? I don't accept this fact. Have you ever seen a woman when someone threatens her child? She will kick. your. ass. Have you ever seen video of the mothers of suicide bombers? They don't look like the peace loving moms that the leftists try to portray all mothers as, either.
2. Did you read the news today? A mother in Texas was arrested for setting her three children on fire. Or maybe you remember all those other mothers that have killed their own children over the last 15 years. You know, drowning them in the tub, pushing them into a river inside a locked car, hanging them. Can't you feel the motherly love?
3. If you haven't noticed, women make up more than half the population of the United States. If you really want a mother to run the country, then get off your asses and elect one. It's not our fault that the only female candidates you can come up with are Geraldine Ferarra, Carol Moseley Braun and Hillary Clinton. I mean, seriously. It's like complaining that there hasn't been a black president yet when the only black candidates thus far have been Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
4. The United States doesn't fight wars of imperialism. We don't go conquer countries and annex them. We have, however, helped to keep dozens of nations free, at the sacrifice of millions of our own men and women. Sally Field may not like that, but I bet she would like life under Sharia law a lot less.

When all is said and done, she looks nearly as idiotic as the night she exclaimed, "You like me! You really like me!"

No, Sally, they don't like you. They like the character you played. So say thank you, take your little statue, and sit the fuck down.

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I don't accept that if women ruled the world there wouldn't be any war either. That's ridiculous.

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