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Tuesday, September 25 

You See Where Makeup Will Get You?

While we are subjected to daily rants from the feminists here in America about how tough their lives are because of the patriarchy, allow me to remind them that they are lucky they don't live under sharia law.

Apparently two women in Saudi Arabia were walking down the street together, and not only that, but they had the audacity to be wearing makeup. When confronted by the Saudi moral police, the women called them terrorists, pepper sprayed them, and cursed them.
He said the commission’s officials stopped the women to give them advice and guidance after they noticed they were wearing makeup. “One of the women took out a black container and sprayed a substance at them while the other filmed what happened with her phone camera while making improper comments,” Al-Marshoud said.

He said commission members took control of the situation with help from security patrols.

“During questioning, the women apologized for attacking the two commission members, signed a statement and were released,” he added.
So, after being taken into custody and questioned, the women realized the error of their ways and apologized for being the tools of Satan.

If that's not enough, just across town women are being asked to eat standing up. You see, restaurants have placed tables outside for patrons to take their Iftar meals during the fasting month of Ramadan. In a blatant move against all things holy in this world, families were sitting at the tables together. With wives and daughters daring to sit and eat at the same table as the head of household.


Again, the Saudi moral police stepped in and informed them of the error of their ways. Women and daughters now eat standing next to the table, the way God Allah intended.

h/t Elder of Zion.

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