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Sunday, August 9 

What An Ass

Lawrence O'Donnell interviews Peter Schiff, the only man to predict the housing bubble. Shriff happens to be a Republican who is going to challenge Chris Dodd for his seat next year.

Lawrence O'Donnell shows just what an incredible ass a liberal can be when they don't like the person they are interviewing. I don't know whether or not I agree with Schiff about anything, because O'Donnell won't shut his fucking pie hole long enough to let him answer a question.

It's idiots like this, whatever party they belong to, that seriously piss me off. If you're going to ask someone a question, shut up and allow them to answer. If you don't agree with their answer, wait until they're done and then ask a follow up question. I mean, seriously, I didn't go to J school and I can figure this out.

Personally, if I were Peter Schiff, I would have stood up about 30 seconds into the interview and told him he can stick the interview right up his ass. No one should have to sit through an "interview" like that. He may as well be reduced to monologues, because that is basically what he was doing here.

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