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Friday, August 14 

I'm Tired Of Apologizing

I’m tired of having to be the one who keeps his views to himself. I’m tired of being part of the “silent majority”. The left has been in our face and vocal for years, and conservatives have sat back and let them push their agenda on us, because we don’t want to offend anyone. Well, I’m offended.

I’m offended that the media portrays me as some kind of radical because of my beliefs. I’m tired of being called a racist for not supporting a president I don’t agree with just because he happens to be black. I’m tired of being called greedy because I think taxes are too high and I would like to keep more of the money I earn with 45+ hour work weeks. I’m tired of endless lecturing from politicians who tell me they cannot find the means to “pay” for a tax cut, but expect me to meet my financial obligations on ever decreasing take-home pay because they cannot balance their budget. I’m tired of being told that I have to pay the mortgages of people who weren’t as responsible as I was, who bought homes they couldn’t afford. I’m tired of seeing the military vilified by people who think that terrorists are freedom fighters, but citizens exercising their right to assemble and protest a health care bill they disagree with are terrorists.

I’m tired of people who think that the government is the answer to every social ill that may befall us, but who give virtually nothing to charity on their own. I’m tired of President Obama telling me that it’s better for everyone if we “spread the wealth around”, while he gave less than 1% of his income to charity before running for office. I’m tired of watching the president of the greatest country in the world apologize to the rest of the world for our success.

I’m tired of being called a racist because I think illegal immigration hurts us all. I’m tired of being called a radical because I believe the second amendment is vitally important in preserving the first. I’m tired of high energy prices because leftist environmentalists block every effort to use the resources God has blessed us with in this country.

I’m tired of people complaining that life isn’t fair. When Jefferson was writing the Declaration of Independence, he didn’t declare that everyone had the right to life, liberty and a six figure income, he wrote that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I want you to notice how that is phrased, the pursuit of happiness. Not the attainment of happiness. Not the right to have the government provide for your happiness. You have the right to pursue your own happiness, it’s up to you how you get there and how much you attain. If you falter in your pursuit, it’s not the job of government to then go to your neighbors and, through force, take part of what they have achieved and give it to you to make everything “fair”.

I’m tired of listening to news anchors and pundits sing the praises of the independents and the undecided voters. If you don’t care enough about your country and your freedoms to have an informed opinion, you are not a saint; you are either stupid, lazy, or intellectually dishonest. Whichever it happens to be, I hope you at least have the common sense to stay home on Election Day, because an uninformed vote harms us all.

I’m tired of watching the government punish success. What motivation is there for anyone to start a business and work long hours to make it succeed if the government is then going to punish him/her with confiscatory tax rates?

If you disagree with this, that’s okay. That is what tolerance truly means. It’s not that I have to accept your beliefs or that you have to accept mine. What you have to accept is the fact that we are free to voice our opinions and vote according to our conscience. Celebrate our differences, because you live in a country that provides the liberty for a multitude of beliefs. We live in a country where you can criticize the actions of your government without fear of prison or execution. We live in a country that has been a beacon of liberty to the rest of the world for over 233 years.

This is the United States of America, the greatest nation in the world.

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There are passionate people out there on both sides of the fence. Imagine what it was like for liberals during the 8 years of the Bush regime. How whenever they expressed their views, some conservative would call them names or call them unamerican. Of if they found fault with Bush's constantly waving the christian cross, they were godless idolators.

It works both ways Frank. You gotta do whats best for you. Ultimately, the only opinion that should matter to you is your own.

By the way, thinking that immigration hurts us all doesn't make you racist. Though I think that until you walk a mile in an immigrant's shoes, you probably have no real viewpoint that has value. Your viewpoint is a tad skewed since you aren't broke with a family to feed.

And a little off topic, but why don't the Minute Men also patrol the border between the US and Canada? It is far larger and more likely to allow a terrorist to enter the country.

I agree with most everything you said. I will quible with you on this, however. I said "illegal immigration", you said "immigration". There is a vast difference. I love immigrants. Hell, if it weren't for immigrants, I wouldn't be here. One of my great-grandfathers was a Polish barber, another was a German steel mill worker. All of my family immigrated between 1820 and 1900 from various parts of Europe.

The truth is, I would prefer if they would relax the standards for legal immigration to make it easier to find and retain talent in high tech fields.

I can't speak for the minute men, but if we're going to secure our borders, we should secure them all. However, there are far more illegal immigrants coming through our southern border because it's easier for them to make their way up from central and south America. Forget the Mexicans and Guatemalans, etc., I'm much more worried about the thousands of OTMs that come across the border illegally every year. We don't know who they are or what they plan to do once they get here.

Yeah, I meant illegal immigration... replace every instance of plain old immigration with illegal immigration.

I just find it difficult that someone with such a deep respect for mexican food such as yourself could possibly wish to send all the people responsible for cooking it for you back to where they came from. Or cleaning your house... or cleaning your clothes... or making your clothes... or picking your fruits and vegetables... or landscaping your yard... or washing your car... or taking care of your children... or... the list is endless. A US without illegal immigrants would be a pretty ugly place indeed.

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