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Monday, December 3 

In Which I Praise The GOP And Then Call Them A Bunch Of Ass Clowns

First, the praise. For all of my life, I've heard that Republicans are the up tight, narrow minded ones. We only accept rich, white, pro-life, gun loving racists into our club. However, as hard as it is to watch the debates, if you punish yourself by sitting through one, you are going to hear a very diverse group. Among the current presidential hopefuls, we have support for gun control, pro choice, and anti-war. We have a governor who raised taxes in his state, and one who ran a sanctuary city.

Meanwhile, the Dems are so proud of themselves because their front runners are a woman and a black guy. "Hey, look. We love diversity. We have a black man with an Islamic name polling first in Iowa".

But is there really any diversity of thought on the left? What do you think the chances are of a pro-lifer having success comparable to Rudy's success on the right? Slim to none, if you ask me.

Now, we call them ass clowns.

It has since been withdrawn, but last week the GOP in Virginia wanted to force everyone who voted in the primary to sign a "loyalty oath" that stated that they would support the eventual Republican nominee, even if it was someone with whom they disagree ideologically.

In my opinion, this was the GOP trying to make sure that people would vote for Rudy should he win the nomination, since the vast majority of the GOP's voting base is pro-life.

That, my friends, earned the Virginia GOP my Ass-Clowns Of The Week Award(TM).

You cannot strong arm your base into voting for someone. When Reagan was carried into office on two landslide victories, he didn't rely on forcing people to vote for him. He inspired people to want to vote for him. He gave a message of hope and promise of a better tomorrow, and then he set about delivering that promise.

Personally, I don't see that character in any of the hopefuls. On either side. Oh, I'll hold my nose and vote for the GOP nominee, because I believe in the basics of what our party is built on. But it won't necessarily mean that I agree with the specific candidate.

But I'm sure as hell never going to sign any kind of "loyalty oath". I'll mail them the ashes of my membership card in the VRWC before that happens.


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