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Monday, December 10 

Video Goodness

First up, the GOP debate en Espanol. This is my favorite debate clip so far. Check out the crowd's reaction when Ron Paul says we should be normalizing relations with Castro. Best part of the entire debate happens when they pan over to McCain and he is cracking up. I wouldn't have been able to contain my laugher, either. RP obviously doesn't realize that Castro is not exactly popular in Miami.

Second video, 3 Doors Down, Citizen Soldier. I have always liked this band, but their military videos are pushing them into my top 10 favorite bands of all time.

Hat tip IMAO for both videos.

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Finally, something I can agree with Ron Paul on.

40 years of economic sanctions against Cuba and still: Castro is in power. That's a laugh! I have to admit somewhat grudgingly: Ron Paul was right this time.

3 Doors Down rocks, and I'm proud that they support our military. Them's Mississippi boys.

On the other hand, there's always the possibility that Ron Paul realizes perfectly well that Castro is unpopular in Miami, and just says what he believes without regard for pandering to a particular audience. That would be admirable, of course, and not something to sneer at. So we can't consider it, can we?

Ron Paul is an insane nut case. You know, just my opinion and all.

BTW, thanks for letting me know you're blogging again. It's like driving by your friend's house and seeing all your other friend's cars parked there.

Not that I would know what that is like of course...

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