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Monday, March 12 

Now They're Going Too Far

Some in the EU are suggesting that there should be a speed limit on German Autobahns.

Look, you environmentalists can bitch and moan all you want about the fact that we eat meat, or we want to drill in ANWAR, but you keep your damn hands off the autobahn.

As someone who has lived in Germany twice for a total of seven years, I know the unparalleled joy found with powering a Geiger Corvette* down A6 at 140mph. Germany is a car enthusiats dream, and makes even your normal, run-of-the-mill American proud of his German heritage.

So hang tough German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee. They may turn every other part of your country into a socialist playground, but you keep those autobahns just as they are.

*The one I drove was an '87 and it was red, but that thing ran like a raped ape.


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