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Friday, March 2 

Trial Attorneys Make Me Sick

John Couey kidnapped, raped, and buried alive nine year old Jessica Lunsford last year.

They found her blood on a mattress in Couey's home. His fingerprints were found on the garbage bags she was wrapped in. But Couey's attorney is arguing that his client is innocent.

I don't believe in lynching. I do believe in our trial system. However, our judicial system has become a mockery of what it should be. The guilty go free on technicalities. Trial lawyers list case after case on their web sites where their clients were caught red handed, or even in the act, but brag about their ability to get them off on all charges.

It's enough to make you ill.

I have a nine year old daughter, and I can guarantee you that should some sick fuck like Couey ever harm either of my daughters, they should pray to any and every god they can think of that I don't find them before the police do.

Couey should receive the same fate as his victim. Bind his hands and feet, wrap him in a garbage bag, tied around the throat and feet, and bury him alive. It seems fitting to me.

But we're a civilized people, so he'll end up in a psychiatric hospital for a few years, then he'll probably be back on the street. And when he kills again, 48 hours can do a special about how our prison system doesn't properly rehabilitate the prisoners.


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