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Friday, February 9 

The Will To Fight

It seems that the enemy possesses that which most of our esteemed congressmen do not; the will to fight.
"We [hereby] inform the Sunnis of a [new] plan called the Plan of Honor, which is more comprehensive and more perfect [than the existing plan] and includes not only Baghdad but all parts of the Islamic State [of Iraq]... [This plan] will end with Bush announcing the failure of his [security] plan and signing an agreement of defeat... The goals of the plan are: to defend our people and our honor; to rout out the invaders and eradicate the remaining pockets and bases of heresy; to butcher the wounded Crusader tyrant and take advantage of the collapse of morale among [the Crusader] soldiers and commanders; to unite the ranks of the mujahideen and to strengthen the foundations of the Islamic State [of Iraq].
While the chicken hawks in the Senate dick around trying to find the most efficient manor in which to lose this war, the enemy is making plans for victory.

Read the whole thing over at MEMRI.

via Black Five.

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