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Thursday, February 22 

Just Plain Ignorant

New plans by Senate Democrats to attempt to micro-manage the Iraq war are, at best, stupid, and at worst, traitorous.

As if our troops haven't had enough problems with the ridiculous rules of engagement placed on them, Democrats now want to give strict limits on what it is they are allowed to do in fighting this war.

Let me be as clear about this as I can be; limiting the actions our troops can take during war is borderline treason. Being a traitor to your country means giving aid and support to the enemy. I think that stopping our forces from actively engaging the enemy, thus removing any chance of winning the war, falls under the category of aiding the enemy.

I don't care who you are, you cannot claim to support the troops and then slowly remove everything they need to do their job. You cannot follow Murtha's plan of slow bleed, you cannot pass non-binding resolutions condemning the action they are in, and you cannot micro-manage the war. If you want to see us win this war (and I have serious doubts about whether the vast majority of Democrats in power as well as a lot of spineless Republicans want to see that), then sit down and shut up. The constant bashing of the war by the Democratic leadership has done nothing but embolden our enemies.

I am disgusted with the lot.

The conflict in iraq hasn't been a real war since Bush stood on the top of an aircraft carrier and said the US Won!

It is similar to what we did in Vietnam. Coincidentally, it is also as vehemently opposed by the majority of the population (not just democrats and republicans).

Bush has pretty much painted himself into a corner and unfortunately, the landslide victories of democrats unseating republicans is a pretty strong indication that a MAJORITY (hence the vote) disagree with the United State's presence in Iraq.

Luckily for a lot of the gun toting republicans, another front will be opening up before the next elections. Welcome to Iran!

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