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Thursday, February 22 

The Fun Is Just Starting

The fight between Clinton and Obama is finally starting to get interesting. David Geffen, a long-time supporter of Bill Clinton, recently threw his money and his support behind Obama, much to the chagrin of Hillary. Geffen also had this to say:
"..said in the interview that Clinton is "a reckless guy" and he doesn't think Sen. Clinton can bring the country together during a time of war, no matter how smart or ambitious she is."
Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson said there is no room in the campaign for such "personal insults". Clinton's camp then went on to say that Obama should return the donation from Geffen.

This begs the question, will Hillary return money to any donor that claims that George W. is more dangerous to the world than terrorists, or who calls him a liar? Because obviously we can't have those kinds of personal insults in a civilized campaign like this.

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