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Saturday, March 3 

COB For Secretary Of The Army

Crotchety Old Bastard has thrown his hat in the ring for Secretary of the Army. His views include the following:
  1. A 5.56mm bullet will not stop a vehicle.  A SAW is a great weapon but not for vehicle avenues of approach.
  2. Rules of Engagement must be include the following, by priority:
    1. Most efficient way of killing the enemy
    2. Exposes our forces to the minimum risk possible
    3. Does not overtly violate the Law of Land warfare (WWII Edition)
  3. Squad Leaders make better judges of threat intent than JAG officers.
  4. A beret does not make you “Special”, (Goodbye black berets).
  5. Soldiers should not pay taxes, taxes should pay soldiers.
Why is he not already in charge?

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