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Monday, March 19 

A Gathering Of Protestors

I made the trek to DC this weekend. I could spend time writing about the anti-war crowd, but I'll let them speak for themselves.

What makes me suspicious of the anti-war crowd is not that they're anti-war, it's who they associate with. I haven't been among this many communists since my trip to East Berlin in 1987.

Click this one to enlarge it so you can read the titles of some of the literature available at this booth. The one that immediately caught my eye was, "The Jewish Question".

How does anti-war translate to pro Cuba? I only saw two American flags on the anti-war side, but there was no shortage of Cuban flags.

Now I thought these two were original. Their green shirts said, "Kiss me, I'm Liberal." I may not agree with their politics, but at least they had a sense of humor, unlike many others out that day.

Che? Seriously? Hasn't he been dead over thirty years? And why are the people carrying his picture all covering their own faces? I didn't see a single face covered on the Eagles side of the road.

Please, tell me how much you love this country when you allow raving lunatics like this up front in your gathering. Anyone who can say they honestly believe that Bush and/or Israel was behind 9/11 needs to be put down, because they're rabid.

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You really captured the anti-war protesters with your pictures as Anti-American Socialist, Cuban inspired Communist. ANSWER intends to bring into their fold the young uninformed students that showed up for just a walk in the park. Great pictures.

I am sure it was a very interesting day Frank. I am happy to hear you made the trip. Aside from the comment about Jane Fonda (the one where you say, "We don't want to see the K.K.K. speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial, neither do we want to see Jane Fonda in front of that hallowed ground"... I mean, freedom of speech means that even they deserve the same rights to speak and peaceably assemble doesn't it?) I think this is a great post.

I don't agree with the protestors nor with their misguided politics, but I would defend their right to speak their mind with blood if necessary. That is what this country is really about isn't it? The right to speak your mind and enact change through political activism?

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