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Sunday, May 13 

It's A Dad Story

I know that today is Mother's Day, but since I'm a dad, you get to hear my story before I wax poetic about how wonderful my mother is.

I was on the phone with my 12 year old Friday night, and she was telling me about finding out that she has an ear infection.

Me: "So you stayed home from school yesterday and today?"

Her: "Yeah. I didn't feel good, so I stayed home."

Me: "Okay, did mom take you to the doctor?"

Her: "Yeah, we went and he did some tests. Then later, momma called the doctor and you know what he said?"

Me: (thinking to myself.. "no more monkeys jumping on the bed?") "No, what did he say?"

Her: "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" followed by hysterical laughter.

Me: having a pretty good laugh at myself, because I've created a clone. I shall call her not-so-mini-me

Her: "He said I have an ear infection, but that was pretty funny, huh?"

And that is how our conversations typically go. The poor kid has no chance of ever being popular in school because she's too much like her old man.


Oh my goodness, that is so cute.

Love that story. She sounds like a cool kid. Popularity is a Paris Hilton thing. Character is much more interesting!

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