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Saturday, May 12 

Feel Free To Use This

I just finished writing to all of my representatives in Washington, as well as to President Bush. I doubt he'll read it, but I hope my congressmen get the message. Feel free to send it along to your representatives as well.
Senator Numb Nuts, <-- You'll want to change that to reflect your particular Senator or Representative.

I write today to express my extreme displeasure with the current funding bill for the war in Iraq. Sitting by and watching as the Democrats in the House put our troops at greater risk by holding their funding hostage is a complete outrage.

I am writing you today to make clear my feelings about the war in Iraq as well as the global war on terror.

Despite what the main stream media and/or any polls tell you, I am firmly in favor of taking the fight to our enemies. Liberating Iraq was the right thing to do. There have been problems along the way, but President Bush has put the right people in place to correct whatever problems may have existed. However, ever since receiving their "mandate" in November, the Democrats have done nothing but obstruct the President's attempts to win this war.

Make no mistake about it, voting for premature withdrawal from Iraq would be a disastrous move for Iraq, our troops, for America, and for any hopes of ever obtaining my vote in another election.

No matter their position on any other issue, I will never again vote for any politician who casts a vote to defund the war or to withdraw our troops before their mission is complete.

The war in Iraq is the single most important issue facing America today. We will either continue the fight in Iraq, or we will withdraw and fight the war on our own streets in the future. The choice is ours, and it is time to stand up to those who refuse to believe that there is never an appropriate time to use force.

The fact that Republicans met with President Bush just this week to express their concern that the war in Iraq may hurt the GOP shows just how little our representatives really understand their constituency. It is not the war with which we have the problem, it is with LOSING the war. No American wants to feel that our soldiers are being sacrificed in vain, and voting to cut funding or to prematurely withdraw our troops is just that, a declaration that all that they have accomplished to this point is for naught.

Please do all that is in your power to do to ensure our troops immediately receive the funding they need to stay safe and to continue to take the fight to our enemy.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this.



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Frank, excellent letter and to the point. Now we need the other 299,999,999 people in the States to write a similar letter and we might get somewhere. I know a few dynamic individuals like yourself. Maybe we can get a trend going here.
Great blog. I shall be back!
p.s. If you'd posted some comments at mine, I would have found you sooner. ;)

p.s. blogrolled ya!

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