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Friday, May 11 

The Two-Faced Post

Heather Morijah thought she would be cute and order personalized plates for her silver Prius that say "MPEACHW". Someone saw her out driving and complained to the DMV, which then recalled her plates.
The agency “is in receipt of a written complaint about your personalized plates,” the letter says. “With this complaint I am sorry to inform you that the set of plates MPEACHW are being recalled. . . . You will have 10 days from the date of receiving this letter to surrender the plates.”
Long story short, she called the ACLU, had a press conference, and the DMV backed down.

Personally, I agree that she should be able have the plates, no problem. She has every right to drive around looking like a moron. If I passed her car on the interstate, I would do the same thing I do when I pass other morons with "Impeach W" bumper stickers.. shake my head at the lack of education in this country and keep going.

Now we get to the part where I take issue with Ms. Morijah. In explaining why she wants Bush impeached, she had this to say.
“We both feel very strongly about this administration for a large number of reasons. The big number one would be leading us into an imperialistic occupation in Iraq to get their oil, and lying to the American people at the expense of many American lives and many Iraqi lives. And number two, the horrifying damage they’re inflicting on the environment in this country and in the world.”
Imperialistic occupation to get their oil? Really? That's the best you can come up with?

Here's a question for all you nut-jobs who think we invaded Iraq for the sole purpose of taking their oil. How much do you pay per gallon right now? Because a week ago I was paying $3.09. Today it dropped to $2.88, but that is still ridiculous. If we've been stealing their oil for the last four years, why haven't oil prices dropped?

Oh, wait. I know. It's because the evil oil companies are stealing all that oil, but still jacking up the prices to inflate their profits. Silly me, I nearly forgot.

I wonder how these people find their way to work and back each day, because they are, to put it mildly, idiots.

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What makes her a moron? You said
She has every right to drive around looking like a moron. If I passed her car on the interstate, I would do the same thing I do when I pass other morons with "Impeach W" bumper stickers.. shake my head at the lack of education in this country and keep going.

How does her license plate translate into her lack of intelligence? If someone had a mpchbil license plate, does that make them geniuses?

Say what you will about people with bumpersticker philosophy, but George will definitely go down in history as one of the more disasterous presidencies in memory. I can understand why some people get all bent out of shape in regard to him. Does wanting him impeached make people dumb? or do only dumb people want him impeached? I am clearly not dumb because I don't care whether he serves out the rest of his sentence, er, i mean term.

And as far as gas prices go, I doubt that invading iraq had much to do with wanting oil. People can be stupid, that much I agree with you about.

What makes her an idiot is not her license plate, it's the reasoning behind it. These morons can rant and rave all they want about an "illegal" war, or our imperialistic goals, but it doesn't change the fact that they are complete fucktards. They watch Rosie say things like "Gulf of Tonkin.. Google it" and they smile and nod, overflowing with their smugness.

The difference between Bill and Bush is that the crimes that Bill was charged with were real. The Republicans didn't have the balls to follow through and convict him, but that didn't mean he was innocent. You don't hear many liberals talking about the fact that he made a deal that involved losing his license to practice law for 5 years and paid a $25,000 fine after admitting "I tried to walk a fine line between acting lawfully and testifying falsely, but I now recognize that I did not fully accomplish this goal and am certain my responses to questions about Ms. Lewinsky were false."

We can disagree about Bush. There are a lot of things I dislike about him. The fact that he has only vetoed 2 bills in his entire presidency is one of them. His love for spending is another. But when history looks back on this presidency, he is going to be judged as having saved the west from Islmaofascism.

In the 80s the Democrats tried to demonize Reagan for taking such a hard line against the soviets, but in the end he was proven right. The same thing will happen here. Bush has plenty of faults, but when all is said and done, our country is safer for having had him as president. Especially considering the alternatives were Gore and Kerry, who have have yet to have found an enemy they wouldn't surrender to.

The Muslims have been bringing this war to us for 30 years, we've just finally started to fight back. There are always those who don't believe there is any cause worth fighting for, and they will never be swayed. They will also be the first ones in line to collaborate with the enemy when we get overrun. It's happened throughout history, but hopefully we collectively have the stones to stand up for what is right and continue this fight.

Again, i must have misunderstood... because from your post, i seemed to get that you think anyone who has a license plate that denegrates George W (or bumpers hosting a sticker that does the same) are automatically morons... i had no idea that you know their reasoning even if they don't have quotes about their position in a news article.

I know you think the war is just Frank. I get that much from our banter back and forth. But at some point you would have to evaluate whether or not the possibility exists that the whole thing, from the top to the bottom, was a mistake. Not that protecting freedom or liberating a country oppressed can be a mistake, that we can agree is always a just cause, but everything from planning, to logistics, to execution of this thing has been a clusterf#ck of epic proportions.

I really hope that one day you can get past your belief that anyone who disagrees with the administration is an idiot, or that anyone who disagrees with the war is a traitor, hell-bent on destroying america. I hope that you can at some point, realize that just because people have vastly different views doesn't make them beneath you and a suitable target for your contempt. Or moonbats. Or morons. I am guilty of this sometimes and I am trying to do a better job of realizing that there is value in differing opinions... debate helps us examine all possible angles of a topic afterall...

I also seriously doubt that future generations will look as kindly on Bush as they do on Reagan. Unlike Bush, under reagan's administration, we did not invest ourselves into a war that is not only unpopular, but driving us deeper and deeper into debt... under reagan, the US saw unparalleled economic growth, social reform, and the adulation of just about every nation on Earth not named USSR or Cuba. Under reagan, the US became THE super power from both a military and humanitarian stand point. Please, please please, never suggest that Bush is to the 90s what Reagan was to the 80s. That is really borderline idiocy.

No, when the dust settles, and history is reviewed, Bush will go down as one of the most reviled and disrespected presidents to ever live.

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