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Wednesday, May 2 

Not Having A Good Day

Yesterday drive 0.1 in my server died. Last night I rebuilt it, brought the server up, and everything was honky-dory. This morning there were errors in the system files, and the server crashed. I went to fetch the original media from our off-site storage (you know, where they're supposed to be kept safe for just such an emergency) and you know what's coming next.

Apparently when they cleaned out the off-site storage a couple months ago, they found a box full of CDs and didn't know what they were for. So instead of calling me to make sure they weren't important, they shredded them.

They shredded my original disks for Server 2003, SQL, and about a dozen other software packages we use. They also shredded my backup of my CALs.

So today I'm rebuilding a server using my 180-day evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003. In a few hours, I'll be on the phone ordering new media for everything, and probably having to spend close to $4k to replace the CALs.

Freakin' morons.


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