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Tuesday, May 1 

Poor Education

Last night I found out just what a piss-poor education my children are receiving. My 12 year old daughter's class is learning about the middle east peace process. Part of their project is to negotiate for peace. The class was divided into 3 sections; the first group are the Israelis, the second is the PLO, and the third is Hamas. My daughter, being so lucky, is part of the PLO.

I asked her what she knew about the PLO, and she said, "I know they don't have a country, so they've been trying to get Israel to let them have their own land."

That sound you heard last night was my jaw hitting the floor. We then had a 20 minute or so conversation about the history of the middle east, Israel and the PLO.

"But Daddy, my teacher said that Hamas are terrorists, but the PLO isn't," she informed me.

"Your teacher is a flippin retard," is what I wanted to say, but I put it much more politely. "Your teacher is uninformed."

I then told her about the 1972 Olympics and the Achille Lauro (although that wasn't specifically the PLO, I know). We also discussed the fact that other Arab countries won't give citizenship to Palestinians because they want to keep them fighting against Israel.

Needless to say, her class is going to be much more interesting the rest of the week.

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