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Tuesday, April 24 

The Rush To Surrender

Rushing to prove how much they support the troops, congress is set to send yet another surrender bill to President Bush.
"Mr. President, we sincerely hope that you change your mind, that you understand that this is a responsible bill to change policy and move in a new direction — a successful direction for our efforts internationally to defeat terrorism. Sign this bill," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer alongside Pelosi and other top Democrats.
How, exactly is this bill that removes our troops from the battle supposed to help us defeat terrorism? If we withdraw now, we embolden the terrorists. What this does is teach them that the way to defeat us is to make the war as bloody as possible and we will lose our will to fight.
The Pentagon would be required to adhere to certain standards for the training and equipping of units sent to Iraq, and for their rest at home between deployments. Bush could waive the guidelines if necessary. Democrats assume he would, but they want him on record as doing so.
If the Democrats are so worried about equipping our troops, why don't they get their collective thumbs out of the arses and pass the spending bill needed to keep funding the war? You want troops to have training and weapons, then pour some money into it. If you want to see more troops get killed, giving you an even better argument for withdrawal (in your mind, anyway), then by all means, keep dicking around with the funds that they need.

But here's the money quote.
Under the nonbinding timeline, all combat troops would be withdrawn by April 1, 2008.

After that date, U.S. forces would have a redefined and restricted mission of protecting U.S. personnel and facilities, engaging in counterterrorism activities against Al Qaeda and other similar organizations, and training and equipping Iraqi forces.
Emphasis mine. What, exactly, do these idiots think we're doing now, besides protecting U.S. personnel and facilities, engaging in counterterrorism activities, and training and equipping Iraqi forces?

Their main complaint is that Bush is stuck on "stay the course", but the truth is he has dramatically altered the course of action. If anyone is stuck on "staying the course", it is the Democrats, who have been running the only play in their book for 40 years, and it reads "War never solved anything, withdraw immediately."

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I don't think the American people really thought it would take this long Frank. I mean, can you blame them? The Iraq war was misplayed from the beginning and I doubt that even another 5 years will fix it.

Do I think the war is winnable under the current administration? Not really. It would take a herculean effort to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on this one. At some point, even the most diehard warhawk has to take stock of the situation and analyze whether the war is not only winnable, but whether or not winning is economically feasable.

The US has borrowed VAST sums of money to finance the war and the chances of that money being paid back in our lifetimes (or your children's lifetimes... or their children's childrens life time is questionable). Just how much money are you willing to spend to bring democracy to a culture that doesn't really want it?

One last question... this one i really want an answer to though... the other ones were rhetorical...

Do you think that ONLY the democrats are the ones who have tired of this war? I mean across the board... not just senators and representatives, but general public... are the only ones who oppose the war either democrat moonbats or traitorous yellowtails?

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