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Wednesday, May 9 

Middle Age Dancing Can Kill

According to Fox News, "Man Dies in Parking Lot Dance Competition".
A man died while trying to outdo a rival with an acrobatic move while "battle dancing," police said.

Robert Stitt, 48, and his rival were competing in a parking lot Monday night when he tried a forward flip and landed on his head.
What the hell was a 48 year old man doing in a dance battle in a parking lot? I mean, were they both going after the same parking spot and the only way to decide who got it was a dance off?

I can see them now, car radio cranked, the sounds of "Sex Machine" reverberating throughout the structure as they stretch out in anticipation of the impending showdown.

Then, as if stepping straight out of the trailer for "Breakin' 2, Electric Boogaloo", they begin strutting around, taking turns to step onto the sheet of cardboard which they conveniently found lying nearby.

All was going well until Sitt decided he was going to drive this battle home, finishing his set with the forward flip, most likely intending to land in the splits. I mean, how can anyone top that?

It's too bad this life was brought to a tragic end over his inability to execute the front flip.

A man's got to know his limitations.


Hahaha! Wait. I'm laughing about someone's death. Don't do that again!

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