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Monday, August 4 

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dead At 89

Alexander Solzhenitsyn dead at 89.

If there is one writer, outside of the founding fathers, that should be required reading in every American high school, this is that man. Of course, that would put an end to the nanny state, so the teacher's union would never stand for that.

If you've never read anything by Solzhenitsyn, you should start with his 1978 address to Harvard.


It is almost universally recognized that the West shows all the world a way to successful economic development, even though in the past years it has been strongly disturbed by chaotic inflation. However, many people living in the West are dissatisfied with their own society. They despise it or accuse it of not being up to the level of maturity attained by mankind. A number of such critics turn to socialism, which is a false and dangerous current.

I hope that no one present will suspect me of offering my personal criticism of the Western system to present socialism as an alternative. Having experienced applied socialism in a country where the alternative has been realized, I certainly will not speak for it.
His insights into the west will really make you examine exactly what it is we have here in America. And maybe appreciate it a little more.

h/t Ace

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