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Friday, August 1 

Now That My Dreams Of Being In The White House Are Gone

So are you dreams of going to college.
The scholarship program started by former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards that has sent rural high school graduates to college for free is ending after three years, a newspaper reported Thursday.


The pilot program has sent 190 Greene County students to college and cost $600,000 in its first two years. It was started in 2005, the year after Edwards was the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

Before his presidential nomination campaign ended this year, Edwards said he wanted a similar national program, spending $8 billion to send 2 million students to college.
According to the article, the program was designed to last three years and is now ending. Like it was intended to do. They are notifying rising seniors that they won't be eligible for the program, because the program never existed.

Now, this could all be perfectly legit, but it leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

1. Why would a program designed to pay for college be designed to only last three years. Last I checked, undergrad was four years.

2. Did Edwards really care about this program, or was this a thinly veiled attempt to swing some votes while he tried to make it into the White House?

3. The article also states that the program was privately funded and that Edwards was in charge of fund raising. Now that he's been caught with a love child, is he shutting down the program because he's going to need money for a good divorce attorney and child support?

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