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Friday, July 25 

That Is Just Not Cool

During his visit to the Western Wall last week, Obama placed a folded, white piece of paper with a prayer written on it into the cracks of the wall. Apparently someone took it almost immediately, and now it's been published in an Israeli newspaper*.

I know I do quite a bit of Obama bashing, but this is really not kosher**. What someone prays is between him and G-d, and shouldn't be used as political material by either side.

So mark this down, boys and girls, I'm on Obama's side on this one. Whatever he believes, and whomever he prays to, is none of our business and should be left private.

*I originally put his prayer into this post. But since my whole point is that it should be a private matter, I took it out before publishing the post.

**See what I did there? I made a Jewish joke. I know it's not really funny, but come on. It's the best I had.


What was the prayer? Come on... just tell me. Don't make me look it up.

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