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Wednesday, July 23 

Am I The Only One Who Noticed That This Is Happening A Lot More Lately?

Heather Kennedy, a former New York school teacher, got busted for having sex with a 16-year old.. at least five times since having pled guilty to fooling around with the kid previously.

And the five times claim is from the 16-year old himself. Most likely posted on his myspace page and overheard in the locker room. Because no self respecting teenager is going to nail his 25-year old teacher and not tell everyone about it.

Seriously, where were all these young, hot, insatiable teachers when I was 16? Because all of my teachers looked like Bea Arthur.

Granted, Ms. Kennedy isn't really that hot, but when I was 16 she would have been.

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It really does seem to be happening more frequently. Completely disgusting. There is no way in hell I'd be attracted to a 16 year old boy. What is wrong with these women?

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