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Wednesday, July 16 

The Gift That Keeps On Giving The Whole Year Long

A woman, searching for the perfect gift for her husband's 40th birthday, decides that she will have sex with him every day for a year.
On the eve of Brad's birthday, Charla told him that his present was going to be sex with her every day for a year. She had wracked her brains to think of a gift that was original, intimate and - most importantly - memorable.

'I never wanted him to look back and ask himself: "Now, what was it Charla bought me for my 40th?"' she says. 'When I came up with the idea of daily sex for a year, I thought I'd hit the jackpot. What man wouldn't think that was the best present ever?'
I know what you are all thinking right now.. does she have a sister?

The funny part is that the husband initially was not happy about it, and neither were any of her friends. One even told her to never mention it in front of her husband, because she didn't want him getting any ideas.

Go read the entire article. It's actually quite interesting to see the attitude that so many people have about sex.

And on a personal note to you-know-who-you-are.. I'll be 40 in 9 months. Just saying is all.


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