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Friday, July 11 

Oh Hell No

If I didn't have reason enough to not vote for Obama before, this just did it for me.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that the Pittsburgh Steelers might soon be for sale. The word is that the team’s chairman Dan Rooney and his son Art II are trying to buy Dan’s four brothers out.

I’m thinking the Steelers are going to stay in the Rooney family, but there are a couple good reasons why I think it’s a good time to sell and I’ll some it up in one sentence: EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TAXES.
Daniel Rooney is attempting to buy out his three brothers so that he can comply with NFL rules that the controlling party own 30% or more of the team's stock. He currently owns 16%. The basic rundown is that if Obama takes office and raises taxes like he has promised, along with ending the moratorium on the estate tax, the Rooneys are screwed. Go read the full article for the details, I'm too sick to really go into it all.

I am a life-long Steelers fan, even during the 80s when they won like, what, three games? The Steelers are the last family run team, being in the Rooney family since Art started the team back in 1933.

And I just had an epiphany while typing this. If McCain wants to carry Pennsylvania, forget pandering to the unions or trying to win them over on economic issues. Just point out that if Obama wins the Steelers are most likely going to end up in the hands of some investment banker and watch the record voter turnout.

h/t Hot Air

Update: That I should have done sooner, but hey, better late than never. I wrote this in haste and didn't word it exactly as I should. It should have said that the Rooneys are one of the last family franchises in the NFL. They've owned the team since 1933, and there are far too few of these stories left around.

Thanks to Scott for pointing out my error.

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The Steelers are the last family run team

You sure about that? Jerry Jones & the Cowboys, for one.


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