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Monday, July 28 

Guess Who's Life Just Got A Little Better

The liquor store where I buy my necessities has just started carrying Shiner Bock. Seriously, I could have kissed someone when I saw it there on the shelf. It's $7.99 for a six pack, but well worth the effort. This is, hands down, my favorite domestic beer.

I enjoyed a few this weekend, and it was everything I knew it would be. I haven't had one since spending a week in Austin during March 2007. Now I don't have to schlep myself all the way to Tejas to enjoy the stuff.

It really is that easy to make me happy.


I tried Shiner Bock for the first time at the Big Texan Steak Ranch restaurant in Amarillo, Texas about a month ago. It's pretty damn good. Congrats.

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