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Friday, August 1 

How I Spent My Day

1. Receive copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium
2. Realize that the 80gb hdd in my laptop is nearly full
3. Purchase 200gb SATA drive to replace it
4. Wait 3 hours while Norton Ghost creates an image of my hdd
5. Go eat Polla con Crema for lunch while I wait for the image to finish. Make sure to add extra jalepenos and habenera hot sauce because they make it really bland for the gringos around here.
5. Get back from lunch, pull old drive, replace with shiny, new one
6. Boot from CD and restore drive image to shiny, new drive
7. Spend another 3 hours watching the little line go across the screen
8. Boot up the shiny, new drive and, wonder of wonders, everything worked right the first time
9. Try not to act surprised that everything worked right the first time
10. Start installing Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium so I can start acting like I know what I'm doing with Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver.

And that is a day in the life of this computer nerd. Doesn't that sounds like fun?

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