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Tuesday, May 27 

Where Has O! Been Lately?

Has anyone else noticed that Oprah hasn't been out on the campaign trail much lately? I mean, she had the grand coming out party where she endorsed Obama, and then a couple of big rallies, and then poof! she disappeared. Well, maybe now we know why.
Ratings for "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and circulation of the talk queen's magazine, "O," are suffering steep declines, indications that her core audience — white women 35-54 — may be disatisfied with some of her recent forays into political activism.

Nielsen Media Research reports Winfrey's talk show has fallen nearly 7 percent this year, its third straight year of decline. Meanwhile, Audit Bureau of Circulation figures show her magazine slipping more than 10 percent in three years.
It seems that Oprah may have let all that success go to her head just a little bit, fooling her into thinking her lemmings audience would follow wherever she told them to go. Maybe she should have stuck to giving away cars and promoting fictional biographies.

But Oprah has become a juggernaut. She's about to launch her own cable television network. That's right, not just her own show, but her own network. She already has her own channel on XM, where she is spending nearly every minute of the day promoting her latest foray into spiritualism with Eckhart Tolley. And now she wants her own cable tv network. How many friends does she have left to employee? I mean, she already gave shows to Gail King and Dr. Phil, who's left?

Oprah needs to take a look at what got he to this point. She had a recipe for success that rang true with women of all ages, races and political backgrounds; good, old fashioned man hating. She has strayed from that formula, and now she's doing everything she can to alienate a large portion of her target audience of 35-54 year old white women.

Oprah, you want to get your audience back? Give up the politics and touchy feely spiritual guide and go back to discussing your weight problems and why men are no good.

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